Mourtada 66ca2bbba7de2b64bb64bdec1d0344e30f199b3b8464a4bed28d36d003f0566b Firas Mourtada PhD,
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center USA
An Efficient Approach To Commission Model-Based Dose Calculation Algorithms for Brachytherapy
Brandan 9aedccd991cb9031ac1a9873f741da11af9c4057c0073a15009617817f127acf María Ester Brandan PhD,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico
Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography and other techniques based on image subtraction
Hendry ebadc19ffe6954c2f1d3dfae6b3674c12b797f8a0c823827e1d219789f2f7588 Jolyon H. Hendry PhD,
Christie Hospital/University of Manchester UK
New ICRP Publication 131: Stem cell biology with respect to carcinogenesis aspects of radiation protection
Zagzebski 274b4cb6373b991d6aa93ab1cb784f60b953d7d8aed0b02134838f95f4c2b5d0 James A. Zagzebski PhD,
University of Wisconsin-Madison USA
Quantitative Ultrasound: Enhancing Diagnosis using Estimates of Acoustic Attenuation and Backscatter Properties of Tissue



  • Christopher Soares PhD, NIST USA
  • Cari Borras PhD, AAPM USA
  • Indra Das PhD, Indiana University USA
  • Guerda Massillon PhD UNAM Mexico
  • Cesar Ruiz Trejo M.Sc., UNAM, Mexico
  • Larry DeWerd PhD, UW-Madison, USA
  • Fredric Tessier PhD, NRC, Canada
  • Dharanipathy Rangaraj PhD, Texas A&M College of Medicine, USA
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Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I want to thank you for your enthusiasm. The number of abstracts received was much higher than that expected and consequently, more time is needed for the review process. Thus, the Acceptance notification date has been extended until December 9 2015.


Guerda Massillon

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